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Sticker Sets
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Sticker Sets

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Enjoy amazing fluffy animal stickers that scratch and sniff to smell like delicious cotton candy. 8 jumbo scented stickers and 2 sticker sheets included in each set.

Cotton candy scented scratch stickers

Each pack has 8 jumbo die-cut stickers and 2 sticker sheets (5.5 x 8.5 inches)

Scratch stickers to smell sweet scents.


Strawberry scented scratch stickers|Each pack has 8 jumbo die-cut stickers and 2 sticker sheets (5.5 x 8.5 inches)|Scratch stickers to smell sweet scents


"Let’s face it, some days you just need a little reminder that You. Are. Awesome! This Great to Motivate sticker book is exactly what you need on days like that. It’s packed with 10 pages of paper stickers that boast inspirational messages, motivational quotes, and uplifting designs, so you can not only use them as a way to keep you feeling at your best, you can also spread that love around!  

• Sticker book with inspirational quotes and more

• Designs feature a motivational stickers with inspirational quotes like “Love Yourself” and “Radiate Positivity”

• Includes one sticker book with ten sticker sheets

  • Paper stickers


"Some say unicorns don’t exist, but we’ve got the evidence right here on this sticker sheet! What makes this sticker sheet magical is not just that it’s filled with adorable unicorns decked out in colorful rainbows and flowers, it’s that it also features positive quotes like ‘be yourself’ and ‘one of a kind.’ These unicorn stickers also boast a touch of glitter too, because mythical creatures deserve to glitter and glow!  

• Unicorn stickers

• Designs feature sweet unicorns, flowers, and positive affirmations

• Includes one sticker sheet of unicorn-themed stickers

  • Holographic glitter stickers with hypnotic effects that will catch the eye


"It’s your turn to host a Stickiville sticker party, but have no fear, this animal crew is the best to have around at any shindig! Absolutely adorable and decked out and ready to celebrate, these puffy animal stickers are just waiting to adorn your school supplies. Coming from our Stickiville collection, this single sticker sheet is a festive gift for any kiddo!  

• Party animal stickers

• Designs feature animals like pigs, foxes, and lions wearing funny glasses, party hats, and bowties. 

• Includes one sticker sheet of funny animal-themed stickers

  • Puffy stickers that really stand out


"Help your little one celebrate their wild and free spirit with this charming horse sticker sheet. With a variety of designs in soft, lovely colors like pink, blue, and green, these fun holographic stickers show the animals in motion, sharing a positive message, or just looking like the majestic creatures they are. Get your journal, diary, notebooks, and lunch box ready for some serious sticker action! 

•Stickiville Wild Horses stickers

•Designs feature a variety of different horses in colors like pink, green, blue, and yellow 

•Includes one sticker sheet of horse-themed stickers


The hunt for the perfect Easter egg is finally over with these pretty pastel Easter egg stickers with adorably cute facial expressions with amazing holographic effects. Adorn your notebook or bring some personality to your backpack and lunch box. There’s no limit to the whimsy these Easter stickers can bring to accessories like school supplies, journals, and diaries! 

Designs feature multi-colored Easter eggs with sweet and cheery expressions

Includes one skinny sticker sheet of Easter egg stickers


"These rainbow sticker sheets are perfect for a quick dose of happy. Designed with metallic foil, each one features a cool watercolor look and boasts sweet pastel hues including blues, pinks, purples, and yellow. 

• Rainbow themed stickers

• Designs feature a variety of rainbows in water color hues

• Includes two sticker sheets of rainbow-themed stickers

  • Accented in gold foil that really shines


"Between the adorable expressions and the fun quotes, these banana sticker sheets from our Stickiville collection are serious about being playful. So go ahead and add the “we’re a fun bunch” to your notebook, the “so appealing” to your lunch box, and the “everything’s all ripe” to your journal, because all school and office supplies are made better when they’ve got a banana pun stuck to them!  

• Fun banana stickers

• Designs feature a variety of adorable bananas with puns like “So Appealing” and “Everything’s All Ripe”

• Includes two sticker sheets of punny banana-themed stickers

  • Paper stickers


Huge variety of 200 stickers.

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