Scrappy Stripes #1
NORMandLOU handmade

Scrappy Stripes #1

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The same fit you love, spiced up some perfectly simple stripes. My line of Scrappy Stripes are all one of a kind, using up all those little extra bits.  This gives you a totally unique hat and it means less waste for the landfill.  Win.  Win.  Sizes available for the whole family.  

0-6 months

6-12 month

Toddler (1-2 years)

Child (2-4 years)

Youth (4-12 years, adult fitted)


All items are handmade. Yours may not look exactly like the picture depending on size and yarn color.  Tags may be slightly different than pictured.  Handmade items are one of a kind and there will always be some variation.  That's what makes it special. All efforts are made to have a true representation of color, but there may be some discrepancy. 

Washing instructions.

This hat is made with a wool/acrylic blend.  All hats feature a removable Pom Pom.  Simply untie to make washing easier.  Yarn used is safe for the washer and dryer, but I always recommend hand washing and laying flat to dry.  Machine washing and drying will likely result in shrinkage and will shorten the life of your item.  Never wash pom poms.  However, I do recommend using a hot blow dryer to fluff your poms from time to time.

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