Nokhu Beanie Ochre/Comic Book/Slate Extra Cozy
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Nokhu Beanie Ochre/Comic Book/Slate Extra Cozy

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The perfect Extra Cozy ribbed beanie.  The single ply roving in the hat combined with this ribbing makes this hat so warm and squishy!

All luxury items are made with the finest materials.  100% Merino.  Ethically sourced from small farms.  Once you touch these, you will understand the higher price.  This particular yarn comes from Skimikin Studos and We Are Knitters.

Each piece is unique.  Even the same colorways are hand dyed and each one has subtle variances.  This will be an accessory that you treasure for many years to come.    

All yarns in this line are extremely limited, so don't hesitate on these.

Spot clean only whenever possible.  Hand wash when necessary. Lay flat to dry.  Do not get poms wet when cleaning.  If you get caught in the rain, fluff those poms back up with a hot blow dryer. Pom Poms are removable.

Adult. This will be a fitted style, the fold means that it would also work for kids and would last them for many seasons.  

If you're thinking "I could make that" go get your pattern from Smeeny Beanie Knits.

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